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Use of Media by School-Aged Children and Adolescents: A Policy Statement from the AAP -...

Jul 1, 2017 - Children and adolescents are exposed to a variety of broadcast (e.g., television, movies) and interactive (e.g., social media, video games) media. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a policy statement on the use of media in children and adolescents five to 18 years of...

American Family Physician : Practice Guidelines

But I Already DID Refer You to an 'American' Doctor

Oct 9, 2017 - More than one-fourth of U.S. physicians were born in other countries. Kimberly Becher, M.D., examines the difficulty of getting some white patients to accept referrals to minority subspecialists.

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AAFP's NCCL Set Me on Leadership Path

Oct 2, 2017 - Benjamin Frankie Simmons III, M.D., the new physician member of the AAFP Board of Directors, writes that his leadership path began at the National Conference of Constituency Leaders, and he encourages others to follow.

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Adolescent and Young Adult Health

Jun 16, 2017 - Access resources to help your adolescent and young adult patients.

Patient Care : Well-being and Prevention

AAFP Responds to '13 Reasons Why' With Mental Health Resources

Apr 28, 2017 - Mental health experts are concerned that the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why glamorizes teen suicide. The AAFP has resources that can help physicians and patients.

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Teen Suicide Prevention

Apr 26, 2017 - In light of the popularity of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, the AAFP provides resources for talking to teens and parents about suicide.

Patient Care : Well-being and Prevention

Can Increased Awareness Trump Cyberbullies?

Jan 3, 2017 - Melania Trump has pledged to combat cyberbullying as the nation's first lady. Natasha Bhuyan writes that this important issue demands increased awareness.

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Addressing the Needs of LGBT Patients - Editorials - American Family Physician

Mar 1, 2017 - Negative interactions with the health care system are a major barrier to medical care for women who have sex with women. Clinicians should train office staff about health concerns unique to LGBT communities and the importance of maintaining confidentiality about sexual orientation and ...

American Family Physician : Editorials

Gallows Humor Is No Laughing Matter

Dec 2, 2016 - Does physicians' use of so-called gallows humor impact patient care and/or physician burnout? Kyle Jones, M.D., writes that it just might.

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The Preparticipation Sports Evaluation: Losing the Forest for the Trees? - Letters to ...

Sep 15, 2016 - ...drivers reported texting while driving and 24% reported using marijuana; during the previous year, 15% reported being electronically bullied and 8% attempted suicide.5 Issues related to sexuality, social media, eating, and other stressors are rampant.5 As a result, we endorse the...

American Family Physician : Letter

Preventive Health Counseling for Adolescents - American Family Physician

Oct 1, 2006 - The leading causes of adolescent mortality are accidents (death from unintentional injury), homicide, and suicide. Additional morbidity is related to drug, tobacco, and alcohol use; risky sexual behaviors; poor nutrition; and inadequate physical activity. One third of adolescents engage...

American Family Physician : Article

Hate Crimes

Jun 7, 2016 - Read AAFP's policy regarding hate crimes.

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Bullying - American Family Physician

Nov 1, 2004 - ...Bullying Am Fam Physician. 2004 Nov 1;70(9):1729-1730. What is a bully? A bully is someone who does or says mean things to get power over another person. Bullying is not just hitting, shoving, or kicking. A bully might call someone names or say bad things about them. A bully also...

American Family Physician : Patient Handout

Family Medicine: The Force Awakens

Feb 2, 2016 - Family Medicine: The Force Awakens

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Can Physicians Save Patients From Violent Deaths?

Dec 15, 2015 - Can Physicians Save Patients From Violent Deaths?

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Care of a Transgender Adolescent - Curbside Consultation - American Family Physician

Jul 15, 2015 - Although the actual number may be higher, research estimates that approximately 700,000 Americans are transgender. Many in this population have inadequate insurance to cover appropriate health care. Primary care clinicians treat transgender patients in their practices, and although not ...

American Family Physician : Curbside Consultation

Screening for Suicide Risk in Adolescents, Adults, and Older Adults in Primary Care: ...

Feb 1, 2015 - The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of screening for suicide risk in adolescents, adults, and older adults in primary care.

American Family Physician : U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

Anti-Harassment Policy

Jan 11, 2019 - Read the AAFP's anti-harassment policy

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations : Policies

Conduct Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment In Primary Care - American Family Physician

Apr 15, 2001 - Conduct disorder is a common childhood psychiatric problem that has an increased incidence in adolescence. The primary diagnostic features of conduct disorder include aggression, theft, vandalism, violations of rules and/or lying. For a diagnosis, these behaviors must occur for at least...

American Family Physician : Article

View All AAFP News Releases and Statements

Jun 17, 2015 - View all American Academy of Family Physicians News Releases and Statements, sorted in reverse chronological order. Subscribe to the RSS feed.

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Common Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss - American Family Physician

Nov 1, 2004 - Over-the-counter dietary supplements to treat obesity appeal to many patients who desire a 'magic bullet' for weight loss. Asking overweight patients about their use of weight-loss supplements and understanding the evidence for the efficacy, safety, and quality of these supplements are ...

American Family Physician : Article

AACAP Releases Practice Parameter on Sexual Orientation, Gender Nonconformity, and ...

Aug 1, 2013 - Children and adolescents who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, and those with gender nonconformity or gender discordance may be affected by negative attitudes, putting them at risk of certain mental health conditions. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) has ...

American Family Physician : Practice Guidelines

Pulmonary Embolism Rule-Out Criteria: A Clinical Decision Rule That Works - AFP Journal...

Jul 15, 2013 - A number of clinical decision rules have been released recently. The PERC rule is an example of one that works well because it was derived from a large number of patients, and it was internally and externally validated.

American Family Physician : AFP Journal Club

View All Media Kits

Jun 17, 2013 - View a list of all AAFP media kits.

Press Center : Media Kits

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Clinical Evidence Handbook - American Family Physician

Jan 15, 2013 - What are the effects of treatments for generalized anxiety disorder in adults and children and adolescents?

American Family Physician : Clinical Evidence Handbook

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