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Practice Self Care -- Physician Health First

Physicians can prevent professional burnout by taking steps to practice self-care. Find resources to help your well-being.

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Assess Your Well-being -- Physician Health First

Assess your well-being and risk of burnout with the Physician Well-being Index. The brief online assessment allows physicians to check their risk of burnout and take steps to improve well-being.

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Fight Burnout Causes -- Physician Health First

Find advocacy stories, tools, and resources to fight the causes of physician burnout, including a broken health care system and increased administrative complexities.

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Create Practice Efficiencies -- Physician Health First

Find tools and resources to reduce paperwork, improve practice efficiencies, reclaim your time, and increase well-being and professional satisfaction.

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Develop Leadership Skills -- Physician Health First

Find tools and resources to help you develop leadership skills that can improve physician well-being and professional satisfaction.

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Find Joy in Practice -- Physician Health First

Find tools and resources to help you reignite your joy in practice and passion for medicine.

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Make Technology Work -- Physician Health First

Improve your relationship with health IT and discover how you can use EHR technology to foster connections with your patients.

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Physician Mental Health and Suicide: Combating the Stigma in Medicine -- Physician ...

Understand why physicians face barriers to seeking help for mental health issues and the reasons why physicians are at a higher risk of suicide.

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Emergency Help: You Are Not Alone -- Physician Health First

If you are a physician in crisis, thinking about hurting yourself or know someone who may be having suicidal thoughts, know that help and support are available 24/7.

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Planner Landing aafp -- Physician Health First

PWB planner landing

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Physician Health First

Caring for your patients starts with caring for yourself. Discover resources and tools to improve your well-being, and reverse the trend toward family physician burnout and fatigue.

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Why Well-being - A Holistic Solution to Address Physician Burnout -- Physician Health ...

AAFP Physician Health First is the first-ever comprehensive initiative devoted to addressing burnout and improving the well-being and professional satisfaction of family physicians.

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