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Jun 2003

...Keith C. Borglum Departments Editor's Page Trouble at the Money/Medicine Interface Robert L. Edsall Getting Paid Diagnostic Testing and Medicare: How to Get Paid Without Getting in Trouble Alice G. Gosfield Improving Patient Care Focusing on Today's Visit...

Family Practice Management

Jan 2004

...Keith C. Borglum Departments Editor's Page Two Ways of Looking at a Healthy Practice Robert L. Edsall Getting Paid CPT: What's in Store for 2004 Kent J. Moore Improving Patient Care Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Clinical Interventions Philip J. Mohler...

Family Practice Management

Nov-Dec 2009

...Keith C. Borglum Departments From the Editor Step-by-Step Practice Transformation Robert L. Edsall Opinion Creating a High-Quality, Low-Cost Health Care System: Lessons From Grand Junction, Colorado Roger C. Shenkel ; Greg Reicks Coding & Documentation • H1N1...

Family Practice Management

"Vital Signs" for Assessing Your Practice's Financial Health -- FPM

Dec 1, 2009 - Paying attention to key metrics can help keep your practice operationally and financially healthy.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Three Steps to an Effective Practice Budget -- FPM

Jan 1, 2004 - By tracking your expenses and comparing them to benchmarks, you can create a practice budget that's useful and easy to maintain.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Five Strategies for a More Vital Practice -- FPM

Jan 1, 2004 - Frustrated with the status quo? Here’s how to take your practice from so-so to stellar.

Family Practice Management : Articles

22 Tips for Improving Your Practice -- FPM

Sep 1, 1999 - ‘Good enough’ is no longer good enough. For today's family practice, it's improve it or lose it.

Family Practice Management : Articles

10 Ways Family Practices Lose Money -- FPM

Jun 1, 2003 - Learn how to plug the leaks that deplete your practice’s income.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Three Steps to an Effective Practice Budget -- Family Practice Management

...Keith Borglum Keith Borglum is the owner of Professional Management and Marketing in Santa Rosa, Calif. Confl icts of interest: The author discloses that he is co-author of Medical Practice Forms: Every Form You Need to Succeed; a member of the board of directors of the National...

Family Practice Management


...Keith Borglum, CHBC Sometimes bad things happen to good practices. The situation could be traumatic or catastrophic, as in an office fire or computer crash, or - more likely - it could be subtle and compounding, as in unnoticed embezzlement, billing irregularities or an increase...

Family Practice Management

Recommended Curriculum Guideleines for Family Medicine Residents, AAFP Reprint No. ...

...Borglum KC. Vital signs for assessing your practice’s financial health. Fam Pract Manag. 2009;16(6):25-29. Brook RH. Medical leadership in an increasingly complex world. JAMA. 2010;304(4):465-466. Casalino LP. Analysis and commentary. A Martian’s prescription for primary care:...

Med School and Residency

Five Strategies for a More Vital Practice -- Family Practice Management

...10 Ways Practices Lose Money. Borglum K. June 2003:51-56. Putting Measurement into Practice With a Clinical Instrument Panel. Endsley S. February 2003:43-48. ’Work Smarter, Not Harder’ to Save Your Practice Money. Mertz G. May 2001:27-31. The Meeting You Won’t Want...

Family Practice Management

Readers Speak Out on the Turtle vs. Rabbit Controversy -- FPM

Aug 1, 1999 - Family physicians from across the country have strongly held and differing views on the clash of practice styles. Is there a solution?

Family Practice Management : Articles

Monitoring Your Practice's Financial Data: 10 Vital Signs -- FPM

Aug 1, 1999 - Knowing your collection rate and overhead percentage isn't enough anymore. Here are 10 questions you need to be able to answer.

Family Practice Management : Articles

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