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...Tar Wars * * What is Tar Wars? American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) tobacco-free education program for 4th and 5th grade students An interactive and fun way to learn about staying healthy Ethan-North Carolina 2004 Tar Wars Poster Contest What’s in a...

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AAFP Adult Immunization Office Champions Data Collection Form

...INFLUENZA: (Annual one dose Influenza Vaccination during the flu season) Recommended for All Adults Patients 19 years and older NUMERATOR: All Adults Patients 19 years and older included in the denominator who have received influenza vaccine for the current flu season. DENOMINATOR: All...

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Spread the Change

...Have the team answer the following questions to determine if the change is ready to spread to others in your clinic or health system. 1. Does the team support the rationale behind the need for the change? 2. Have the intervention(s) been tested under various conditions with data...

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Office Champions Process Survey

...DATE: ______________________ SURVEY NO: ____________ Describe your perception about your clinic’s processes for administering immunizations, based on the following steps: • Circle the number that you feel most accurately describes the frequency of missed opportunity for each...

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...TEAM Project: AAFP Adult Immunization Office Champions Project Physician Champion: _______________________________________________________________ Office Champion: _____________________________________________________ PATIENT POPULATION MEASURE GOALS - DUE: July 31, 2016...

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